This picture represents the light going through the dark today and how i felt happier.Today started out with my mom’s friend coming over who I know is a tweak and she was knocking on my locked door and it caused anger and anxiety that my mom would let her over.The other thing is I told my mom I didnt love anyone ,because we got into an argument and I wanted to tell her how I felt ,because she was ignoring me for not saying love you mom and i said it to my dad 3 times.I feel that is a stupid reason.So apparently my mom was hurt and kept ignoring me ,but we talked today.Later on in the day I mean night my friend asked if I wanted to hang out so I went at 10 PM there were 6 of us more then expected ,but i was on anxiety meds.So they were drinking modelo and I was just vaping.We ended up going outside because they wanted to smoke and we just were talking then my friend left and i stayed.So i talked to them and one of them had to go to their house and didnt want to go alone the rest of the 4 were girls so I walked with her to her house.We drove back then we talked throughout the night pulled out some cards played games.Then the next thing you know it was 3 AM.Everyone was tired they all went to sleep and I just got home.Now I am by myself waiting for my night meds to kick in so I can sleep ,but i was asleep for 17 hours so im not tired.I went to bed at 7 pm last night took an ambien 2 benadryl and my night meds and woke up at 11 am the next day.I hope i can sleep soon,This is just a short blog ,but I just wanted to say my day now  I am going to try to sleep.

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