This pictures how i feel i have a hard time connecting with others and their points of view.Just yesterday in group therapy i said i wanted to leave earlier then my discharge date.Today was one of the happiest i been in awhile.It all stated when i woke up at 3 am and then at 7 i had to leave for group therapy but i was so tired i wanted to call in late but instead i took 2 200 mg caffeine pills.On the way up i had forgotten i’d taken them and was getting extremely nauseous.I then zoned out my whole hour drive and was singing a long with lil peep blasting in my car full blast.At one point this korean song played in my playlist as i had forgotten i put it in there and i was listening to the song ,the sound of the rain , my windshield wipers , everything and felt so happy i was almost like euphoric.I then saw the ocean as i drove by and saw the mist the waves gave up and enjoyed the beauty.When i got to group i got out of my car and felt a weird feeling still not knowing what it was.I sat down in the waiting room and realized i took caffeine more then normal.I was so happy all throughout group that everyone was laughing and cheered up.At the end of the day a lot of people said they appreciated me for making their day and being so positive and i felt good.I even realized thinks throughout the day such as therapists picked their jobs because they like to help people and are proud when they see people they help progress.I was in bliss.I also didnt have one negative thought the whole day.When i got home i went on facebook and commented on peoples posts encouraging and being happy.I am proud of myself today for how far ive come today.I was looking for aesthetic photos on facebook but found 0 so i took all the photos i could and made a fb post with a bunch of pictures just because i wanted to.I even right now sent a paragraph message to my online best friend saying how much i appreciate him in my life.Im so happy i cant explain.I decided to stay longer in the program so i can succeed more and more each day.Thats all for today just wanted to update.

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